Rust Belt Brewing


Located in the rust belt of Youngstown, Ohio, this brewery began in December 2008. The first step onto the beer scene came with the production of its Rusted River Irish Red, a classic and favorite, as well as the Blast Furnace Blond.

Rust Belt Brewing Company stands to uphold the blue-collar work ethic and perseverance that built up the United States’ steel industry. Its staff is a small, three-person dream team. The company keeps up with production while also holding a slew of tasting and other community-involving events.

Also, volunteers are always appreciated and can help with bottling, loading and unloading the trucks, filling kegs and helping out at events.  Find out how by checking out the website where there is a contact form.

It operates as one of the largest Ohio-based breweries. Rust Belt aims to craft a variety of well-balanced drinkable beers that are loved by beer drinkers of all tastes and preferences. The company takes responsibility for both its product and the environment in which it is made by protecting the earth as well as the beer quality.

Stop On By

The brewery encourages drinkers to stop by the Youngstown site and check it out. You can grab a growler or keg for big events, or even have your empties filled.

The hours are Friday and Saturday 2 pm until 6 pm.

Can’t make it to Youngstown? The online store sells a slew of Rust Belt T-shirts, growlers, glasses and more. You can learn more about the crafts while also picking up some cool signature items.


These are a few of the delicious year-rounds offered by Rust Belt.

Rusted River Irish Red Ale

A true red ale, it’s red in color with hints of caramel shine. The taste is malty and hints at toffee as well as hazelnut. The complexity of this delicious ale provides a nutty taste that finishes crisp. It has a 5.5 percent alcohol content.

Blast Furnace Blonde Ale

This blondie is a straw-colored, medium-bodied ale that harbors a slight, sweet taste. It holds a handful of hops in each sip and is popular with most drinkers. It has a 5.5 percent alcohol content.

Coke Oven Stout

Dark like the name, this stout is super roasty as well as malty. It has notes of dark chocolate espresso and a dry finish. It is a dark, but drinkable craft with a 5 percent alcohol content.

Old Man Hoppers IPA

Hops and caramel malt come together to forge a relationship perfect in crafting this beautiful India Pale Ale. The caramel malts balance the American hops for a fruity, yet not too bitter taste. It has a 6 percent alcohol content.