Nightwire Magazine captures the true essence of Pittsburgh with humor, sports, dining reviews, entertainment, travel, wine & spirits and informative features.  Our goal is to make you smile, lighten your day and lift your spirits.  We are never political and we don’t make statements.  We offer pure entertainment that will tickle your funny bone.

Nightwire has continued to grow and we continually have a documented 98.9% pickup rate. Our readers look forward each month to picking up a new issue…

We are distributed throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area with strategically placed street boxes and racks at over 500 locations plus our entire magazine is posted on line each month at

We have received world-wide recognition through our coverage of NASA’s launch of STS 128, the concert coverage of KISS, coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins plus our coverage of travel throughout the world.  We continue to bring new ideas and informative useful information to our readers.

Nightwire is a montage of things that just doesn’t seem to fit, but somehow it all blends together in perfect harmony.  Our magazine offers something for everyone from the 21 year old to the 90 year old, we have managed to bring together people from all walks of life, helped brighten even the darkest of days for some of our readers through the power of humor. Laughter is the best medicine…. it is contagious and powerful….

We are proud to bring you Nightwire!

Publisher/CEO/Editor-in Chief: Joyce Campisi

Executive Editor: Joseph P. Campisi, III

Assignment Editor: Jennifer Campisi

Managing Editor: Joseph P. Campisi, III

Sports Editor:  Stacy Kauffman

Music Editor:  Mike Pap

Creative/Production Director: Michael Kurov

Director of Marketing:  Lori Czekaj

Designer Company: Design 2 Pro

Photographers: Caleb Green, Michael Pap – Varies upon assignment

Concert Photographer:  Michael Pap – Varies upon assignment

Feature Writer Dining: Suz Pisano – Varies upon assignment

Feature Writers Travel: Jennifer Campisi, Suz Pisano

Feature Writer Craft Beers:  Brian Meyer

Feature Writer Movie Reviews:  F. D. Mastracci – Fiore

Feature Writers Wine & Spirits: Varies upon assignment

Feature Writers Business: Varies upon assignment

Contributing Writers: Lori Hon,  Gerry Pekol, Dottie Wilhelm

Webmaster: Joseph P. Campisi III

Distribution Managers: Jeff Englebarth