Logyard Brewing Company

Logyard Brewing Company

A Log Yard, or lumber yard as it’s also known is a place where lumber and wood-centric products used in construction or mass production are processed and prepared for a lifetime of service. While lumber yards are frequented by average consumers, Log Yards are for the professionals, where the real work gets done and a high level of pride is taken in the work that’s done there.

This is a perfect metaphor for Kane, PA’s Logyard Brewing Company, where professional brewing is looked at with the same reverence and pride as the brave and skilled folks that man the saws and planers at a more typical Log Yard.

A quick visit to will show you the three pillars of Logyard Brewing’s ethos, which probably match up with their wood-processing brethren, which are:
1. Quality
2. Hyper-Local
3. Sustainability

By focusing on these three key tenants of brewing, Logyard stands out in the ever-growing craft beer world.

With an emphasis on sustainability and keeping ingredients and flavor profiles as local as possible to the Kane, PA area, Logyard has created a perfect niche that their never-ending push for quality keeps them on top of. That doesn’t mean their beer has to stay hyper-local, far from it. Thanks to Vecenie Distributing you can get your hands on some Logyard beer and see how the local black cherry and black birch hardwoods influence the flavors of their beers.
The Beers
Speaking of beers, that’s what you came here for, so let’s talk beer and see what Logyard Brewing has in the way of beers, including:
• Bucking Birch Kane Style Ale
• Pine Man IPA
• Timbersale Copper Ale
• Tallybrook Nut Brown
• Safety Swede Blonde Ale
• Birch Blonde Kane Style Ale
• Big Blueberry Ox

It’s not hard to see the correlation between the logging industry and Logyard Brewing’s beer lineup. For instance, check out their take on the classic IPA with the 5% ABV Pine Man American IPA. This beer focuses on the piney flavors an IPA has to offer while keeping the beer refreshing with just the right amount of bitterness.

Checking out the Tallybrook Nut Brown Ale shows us a beer that fits nearly every taste. Brown ales are one of the easiest craft beer styles to love, making them an excellent crossover beer to pull in those not wise to the ways of great beer. Logyard’s version of a nut brown ale is technically an English Brown Ale that comes in at 5.5% ABV, making it both complex and delicious while being solidly crushable.

If fruit beers are more your thing, then Logyard has you covered, too. Their Big Blueberry Ox is a lower alcohol option coming in at 3.4% ABV, but don’t let that lower ABV fool you. This fruit beer has bright, crisp flavors and when it’s in season, it’s hard to say no to.

Along with these beers you’ll also find a few versions of the ever popular New England Style IPAs on tap and in cans. For example, their Proper Notch NE Style 2X IPA comes in at 8.1% ABV and features a ton of flavor that masks the higher ABV surprisingly well. As with other NE IPAs, Logyard’s version is hazy, juicy, and best consumed as soon as possible. Thankfully they brew this beer year round, so you’ll always get a freshie.

Each of these beers and more are available from Logyard Brewing in the Pittsburgh area, so check out your favorite bars and bottle shops to pick some up today.