Tröegs Independent Brewing

Tröegs Independent Brewing

I don’t know about you, but I like a little umlaut with my beer. No, I’m not talking about the latest hop varietal or tropical fruit to be added to beer, but rather the accent mark that’s found in the name of the one and only Tröegs Independent Brewing.

Joking aside, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brewery that is more consistent and focused on quality than Tröegs. Hailing from Hershey, PA Tröegs Independent Brewing has been supplying us with tasty brews since the mid-90s and their dedication to making great beer hasn’t wavered since then.

Today, Tröegs is making more beers than ever before while striking a balance between their classic beers we’ve grown to love and new, innovative beers that push the boundaries of craft beer. Thankfully, Tröegs offers a shifting sampler pack known as their Anthology series, keeping in line with their music theme. New for Spring and Summer are fresh-picked Anthology sampler packs so you can welcome warmer weather with a variety of fresh beers to match the equally fresh fun times.

In the Beginning…
Before getting into what’s new, it’s worthwhile to take a quick look at where Tröegs got their start. Tröegs Independent Brewing (then known as Tröegs Brewing Co.) was founded in 1996 in Harrisburg, PA by the Trogner brothers John and Chris. The name Tröegs came from a combination of a nickname including their last name and the Dutch word for pub, kroeg. The first keg sold by Tröegs took place in July 1997, officially kicking off the great beer we know and love today.

Tröegs eventually outgrew the Harrisburg brewhouse and in 2011 the brewery picked up and moved to a new facility in Hershey, PA where they continue to brew today. The current brewery is nearly three times the original brewery in Harrisburg and includes a tasting room that has an amazing view of the brewhouse.

Spring Anthology Series
Starting with the current season, Tröegs’ Anthology sampler for the Springtime is part old friend and part new exciting relationship. This sampler starts out with two beers that helped put Tröegs on the map along with a change to a newer classic and a fresh take on a tart ale.

Perpetual IPA
The one and only Tröegs Perpetual IPA will continue to be offered year-round, and rightfully so, even if it is featured in the Spring Anthology. This 7.5% ABV American IPA with a whopping 85 IBUs is dry-hopped to give it an outstanding hop aroma and a taste that’s hard to beat. Expect to get sticky citrus rind up front on this with tropical fruit, pine, and a hefty dose of bitterness in the middle, finishing up with a lightly lingering bitterness.

IPAs are one of the most interesting beers to pair with food, and Perpetual IPA is no exception. You can choose contrasting flavors like meats, aged cheese, olive oil, or caramelized sugars, or instead choose to go with complimenting flavors by choosing spicy curry dishes, coconut, citrus, grapefruit, or even mango. However you pair it, Perpetual IPA should have a…wait for it…perpetual spot in your refrigerator.

HopBack Amber Ale
Named after the device that gives this beer its unique hop character, Tröegs HopBack Amber Ale comes in at 6% ABV and 55 IBUs. The HopBack itself is a sight to behold at the brewery, and is only topped by the taste of its namesake beer. Standing 12 feet tall in the center of the Hershey brewery, Tröegs HopBack is where whole cone hops swirl in hot wort, where the delicate and amazing hop oils are released into the soon-to-be beer. This gives HopBack hints of grapefruit and pinesap in the aroma with grapefruit, caramel malt, toffee, and pine in the taste with a finish that lets the flavors linger.

HopBack makes an outstanding beer to pair with foods ranging from carrots, parsnips and rich cheeses as well as chipotle peppers, popcorn, hearty breads and caramelized fruits.

NEW – First Cut Mango IPA
We’ve grown to love First Cut IPA from Tröegs, and while it might be tough to make a good thing even better, they’ve done it with the mango version of this solid India Pale Ale.

Along with the bright hop flavor found in the standard version of this beer, the mango adds honey, fruit character, and a slightly brighter overall impression. Coming in at 6.2% ABV, First Cut Mango IPA uses Comet and Simcoe hops to pair with the tropical fruit to give you a well-rounded beer that is far from cloying with its sweetness and flavor.

NEW – Boysenberry Tart Ale
Sour beers can be a scary style to approach at first, but with beers like Tröegs Boysenberry Tart Ale, it’s far less fearful and far more flavorful of an adventure. Packed with flavors of sweet-tart jam, wildflowers, and citrus, Boysenberry comes in at a sessionable 4.5% ABV, making it approachable and perfect for those warmer spring days.

The tartness in this beer comes from the lactobacillus yeast used in concert with their Tröegs house yeast, giving us a bright tartness while steering far away from puckering lips and overloaded palates. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Summer Anthology Series
While we’re fully into Spring at this point, it’s worth looking forward to what Summer has in store, and at Tröegs, Summer means more beer.

The Summer Anthology, which is available starting mid-April starts out with Perpetual IPA but adds in the always amazing 4.5% ABV Sunshine Pils because a bright, fresh lager is just about perfect for the summer months.

Along with these two year-round favorites we get a NEW Field Study IPA with flavors of ripe grapefruit, pear, and mellow coming in at 6.2% ABV. Rounding out the quartet is a Raspberry Tart Ale. Like its Boysenberry counterpart, this beer comes in at 4.5% ABV and features flavors of tart raspberry jam, wildflowers, and adds a hint of salt.

With all these beers being available in the coming months, at least there’s one decision off your plate and waiting on the shelf.

Tröegs Brewing Company beers are proudly distributed in and around the Pittsburgh area by Vecenie Distributing Company.