Ellicottville Brewing Company

Ellicottville Brewing Company

Born out of the heart of ski country in New York State, Ellicottville Brewing Company has been making their take on old world-style beers for more than 20 years and counting. Founded in 1995 by Peter Kreinheder, Ellicottville Brewing Co., or EBC as it’s known to those of us into the whole brevity thing, started with the idea that ski country needed some better beer than what was currently available, which in 1995 wasn’t much at all.

Ellicottville Brewing’s first location was in, you guessed it, the Village of Ellicottville, NY. Since the founding of the brewery in 1995, two more locations in Fredonia and Bemus Point, NY have opened to help spread the good word of craft beer and amazing food. In 2013 the original brewpub was expanded into an 8,000 sq. ft. facility featuring a restaurant, brew house, and German beer garden. Standing by their slogan of “Brewed to Entertain,” EBC has continually made outstanding beers that never fail to please. With a focus on fresh ingredients and a want to follow the idea of “Farm to Pint,” EBC is still going strong 23 years later with no signs of slowing down. Best of all, thanks to Vecenie Distributing we’re finally able to get EBC beers here in the City of Champions.

Like most craft breweries, Ellicottville Brewing Co. has both year-round and seasonal brews so we can have our favorite beers all year, and enjoy some extra special beers tied to each season. As an added bonus, EBC launched their Imperial Series in 2015, under which they have been able to release some very unique beers with a little higher gravity than your typical beer has to offer.

EBC focuses on old world-style beers with a modern twist, which means that while they mostly start with tried and true styles of beer, these common brews are spiced up with something extra special. Whether it’s adding fruit to a hefeweizen or peanut butter to a porter, EBC mixes the old and the new to make truly unique craft beers.

Everyday Series

Blueberry Wheat Ale – Refreshing at any time of the year, EBC’s Blueberry Wheat Ale comes in at a sessionable 4.8% ABV, featuring fresh blueberries, Canadian 2-row barley, white wheat, and noble German hops to give you a beer that’s light, crisp, and always fresh. On the nose you’ll get a fresh blueberry aroma that’s followed by a light malty body and a bright blueberry taste. The finish is slightly dry with a light, lingering blueberry flavor.

Keepin’ It Peel – Brewed in the style of American IPA, Keepin’ It Peel comes in at 5% ABV and features flavors of grapefruit and lime peel, giving this already citrus-forward beer a bright, fresh flavor and aroma that’s not overpowered by a higher ABV as with other American IPAs.

Stainless Steel IPA – Another take on the American IPA style, Stainless Steel IPA refers to the tanks in which most beers are brewed and fermented. Stainless Steel comes in at 7% ABV and 77 IBU and features juicy, flowery aromas backed up by a brilliant, complex flavor profile including citrus rind, light floral notes, and a hop-forward bitterness.

Seasonal Series

Ski Bum Hoppy Ale – Jumping over to the seasonal side of EBC, their Ski Bum Winter Ale may be on its way out as we get into Spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for next year. Ski Bum is a crisp, hop-forward winter ale that pours a beautiful auburn color that features a 6% ABV, hoppiness thanks to Centennial hops, and a little holiday spice to make this beer bright and flavorful for those cold winter months.

Blood Orange Hefeweizen – Ellicottville Brewing takes the standard hefeweizen style of beer and adds the bright, refreshing character of Napa Valley blood oranges. With a slight bitterness, this sessionable 4.6% ABV beer has a clear blood orange flavor with a somewhat dry, earthy finish.

Mow Monster Ultra Pale Ale – Starting with Belgian Cara malts and an array of fresh American hops, EBC’s seasonal American pale ale is brewed for warm weather to be lighter-bodied while keeping tons of flavor and just enough bitterness to stay refreshing from start to finish, and at 5% ABV, this is one beer you can have a few of and not worry about your mowing.

Just Peachy Fruit Ale – Brewed in the shandy/radler style of beers, EBC’s Just Peachy is a sumer seasonal that uses barley and wheat paired with sweet Georgia peaches and black tea to give you a 4.2% ABV beer that’s light, refreshing, and ready for the hottest days you can throw at it.

Fall Festival Lager – Changing pace from the typical lineup of ales from EBC, their Märzen Fall Festival Lager uses fresh German Hallatauer hops and Munich malts to make a truly unique yet traditional 5.6% ABV beer to celebrate the yearly Oktoberfest season.

Mosaic Sunrise IPA – Brewed using all Mosaic hops, Mosaic Sunrise is a 6% ABV beer that comes loaded with layers of tropical fruit and big, bright aromas all neatly packaged in a hop-forward American IPA. Ringing in at 80 IBUs, this beer isn’t for the faint of heart, yet it is approachable enough for those just starting to worship at the chapel of the almighty hop, too.

Imperial Series

Chocolate Cherry Bomb – True to the series name, Chocolate Cherry Bomb is a big 8.2% ABV American imperial stout featuring English hops, chocolate malt, and Oregon sweet cherries. The result is a beer that is just about perfect for that very special day in February with someone extra special.

½ Baked Peanut Butter Porter – EBC starts with an American-style porter and ups the ABV to 7% while adding roasted peanuts to give this beer a real roasty peanut butter character that’s backed up by the American oats, British malts, and Canadian Barley. ½ Baked pours a near-perfect black with a creamy tan head and a silky-smooth mouthfeel.

Fistful of Peel Imperial Citrus IPA – Brewed in the American Imperial IPA style, Fistful of Peel comes in at 8% ABV and 82 IBU and features zesty orange, tart grapefruit, and bright lime peel all alongside the Centennial and Citra hops to give you loads of citrus goodness while keeping the fruitiness in check thanks to the hop-forward character found from start to finish in the big, bold beer.

Raspberry Beret Sour Ale – Now that you have Prince stuck in your head on repeat (you’re welcome), EBC’s take on the sour style of beers comes your way at 7% ABV and is specifically a kettle-soured raspberry blonde ale. That means you’re in for bright, tart flavors with a crisp sourness that has a somewhat malty, bready base. In short, this is one heck of a solid sour beer that’s still approachable.

Caramel Apple Cuvee – Some beers need a little time “in wood” to get the perfect flavor profile, and EBC’s Caramel Apple Cuvee is just such a beer. This 8.5% ABV strong blonde ale is aged in American Oak and is brewed with caramel, green apples, citrus, and vanilla. Together, these flavors meld into one truly amazing beer that finishes dry with a very prominent oak essence.