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The newest buzz at BZ is their state-of-the-art Digital Pour board. Digital Pour is a highly techno electronic board which displays all of the beers BZ has on tap, in “real time” with an electronic, digital display, showing how much beer is left in every keg along with Brewery’s logo and pricing. You’ll know instantly if your favorite beer is ready to kick or if it’s full or half full, etc.! BZ is the first bar in Pittsburgh to have one of these amazing boards. So if you haven’t stopped in yet, BZ just gave you another reason to do so. Plus, their Director of Operations, Clint Bylo, is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server. For those of you that have never heard of that term, a Beer Cicerone is similar to a wine Sommelier, only with beer. Stop into BZ and ask Clint to recommend a great tasting beer that would be perfect – just for you.

“We gotta lota style too – beer style. You’re sure to find a beer you’ve always wanted to try – with over 40 different beer styles, from 5 countries, representing 33 brewers, totaling 100+ beers (30 0n draft) we’ve got your beer! Oh, we’ve got some fine Liquor and tasty wines too, but make no mistake – we’re a craft beer bar first and foremost!” says Eric Rimpela, VP of Operations.

“We don’t have an absurd list of 750 different beers, with 600 of them sitting on a shelf getting old and skunky, or stock 18 mediocre IPA’s and only 3 other beer styles, or carry lots of average, run-of-the-mill “lawnmower” beers. We’re different – all the beers we stock are truly special and highly regarded within their style. We also stock a nice selection of locally brewed beers that are the pride of Pittsburgh. Customers can be assured the beer they purchase will be the finest example of beer within its style. We sell the very best – highest rated beer ranked by the independent beer rating website “Beer Advocate” said Clint.

Eric added “To ensure customers are served the best tasting beer possible (just like the brewers intended) we’ve done the following: (1) we’ve built our bar with the shorted beer lines possible (beer won’t go through a 100ft of bacteria-infested plastic lines before it goes into your glass). (2) We make it a point to clean the draft beer lines every 2 weeks or less! Most restaurants might clean their beer lines once a month! (3) We’ve installed “beer clean” plumbing fixtures to ensure every glass we use is “beer clean” so you’ll be able to appreciate all the nuances of a great beer (long legs, smell, head retention, taste and color).

BZs happy hour is Monday through Friday 4:30pm-7pm; they offer $2.00 off ALL craft beer, $5.00 signature drinks & martinis and ½ off on ALL wines and ALL appetizers, making BZ the best “happy hour” on the North Shore. In addition to their happy hour they offer great daily specials: Mondays 5pm – close – $.50 beef sliders and $1.00 duck sliders. Tuesday’s its $1.00 ribs and Wednesdays 1/2 price Phuket 2-way Wings. (fun fact: Phuket is a island province of Thailand). Plus, join Nightwire every Sunday night from 6pm-9pm for the best “happy hour” around – $2.00 off all craft beer and ½ price on ALL appetizers. What a great way to end your weekend!

BZs entire menu consists of daily “made from scratch” recipes with only the finest and freshest ingredients. If you haven’t tried BZ Craft Bar and Twisted Eatery, what are you waiting for? Their menu definitely has something for everyone: from starters to homemade soups, small plates, salads, huge sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, mac and cheese (the best in the burg) and so much more. Check out their full menu at

BZ Craft Bar & Twisted Eatery – Open 7 days a week 11AM

140 Federal Street (Across from PNC Park)

Pittsburgh, PA 15212