Cancun – Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo… Nightlife in Cancun

Nightwire was invited to experience Coco Bongo which is in our opinion is absolutely the best nightclub in Cancun.  Coco Bongo with it’s 1,800 people capacity is a spectacular club featuring live rock and salsa bands, flying acrobats, and rotating impersonator shows of the Mask, Beetle Juice, Madonna, and Spiderman.  Not only will you see them on stage, but you’ll also find them on the bar and swinging in the air.  This Las Vegas style club has more acts, lights and special effects than you can imagine, with the very latest in audio and video entertainment including a huge video screen, where they project movie clips.  Special effects include soap bubbles, balloons, confetti streamers and so much more this is definitely Cancun’s party arena. Best of all your admission includes an open bar.

Coco Bongo has been featured and praised by ABC News, Discovery Channel, MTV, Playboy, Rolling Stone Magazine and Billboard Magazine.

There are also other ‘super clubs’ – The City, Dady Rock and Bulldog. These venues have capacity for thousands and all offer nightly entertainment. In Cancun it’s not a case of just going to a club sitting back having a drink and maybe a dance. There’s something new happening every few minutes, from fantastic circus type performances, giant video screens, the famous Cancun bikini contests, mime artists, crazy waiters and bubble balloons and ticker tape. It’s not uncommon for the major Cancun nightclubs to carry on going until 6 in the morning. A night out at one of the bigger Cancun nightclubs will not be forgotten …… no matter how much you drink!