Is JIM MORRISON Alive?                                                                                                  By:  SuperMonkey

I love a good conspiracy theory just as much as the next guy, but mostly,  I  find them entertaining and really don’t believe them.  So, I present to you an interesting scenario as presented to me at the Robby Krieger concert last month at the Palace Theater.

I run into someone that I’ve known for quite some time a person I consider  extremely credible.   I’m very confident this person is not crazy.  So at the concert I mention to this friend, let’s call him “Dave,” that I have to meet Robby Krieger back stage.  He quickly replies, “Yea I know Ray (before he died) and all those guys, I have a history with them” and then introduces me to his girlfriend.

I inquire to Dave’s girlfriend “How do you know the Doors?”  She is standing behind Dave, she smiles, looks at Dave, then turns around and walks away silently.  Dave says “Oh it’s a long story.”  Five minutes pass, Dave and I are watching Robby, just the two of us in the back of the Palace with no one else around.  Dave then proceeds to tell me that his girlfriend is Jim Morrison’s daughter.  Obviously I’m a little shocked and don’t believe him.  He swears to me that it’s true, Jim’s alive, he says.  Jim Morrison currently resides on a ranch outside Las Vegas on Lake Isabella.  He confidently states that all of the Doors are aware of the fact that he is not really dead.  They have all met with him in private and are respecting his wishes to live under a new name, William Loyer.

William Loyer has been working as a rancher for the past 20 years, and lives a quiet simple life with his wife and family raising horses.  He is extremely close to his childhood friend Rick Manczerak (brother of Ray Manczerak, Keyboardist of the Doors.)  All of the band members of the Doors are aware that Jim did not really die, but wanted so desperately to get out of the music business.

Then Dave pulls out his iPhone and starts showing me pictures he personally took (some with him in the pictures) with this current “Jim Morrison” who’s a little older and gray, hanging out with his family, and that’s states that he’s actually been to his house and they talk all the time.  Now all of this sounds crazy to me and I’m sure your thinking the same, but there’s more.  After the concert, I go home and do a Google search.  Jim Morrison had been in a lot of trouble with the FBI and Police which is possibly why he moved to France.  He also hated being a rock star.  Another fact popped up, the media was not informed of his death for 6 days.  No one but his girlfriend Pam saw his body before it was placed into the coffin, which was transported from their apartment to the grave.  No autopsy was done.  7 days before he died, he bought a grave at one of the most guarded cemeteries in Paris.  3 days before he died, he was spotted walking around the cemetery.  1 day after he died he was spotted at the airport in Paris.  1 week after he died someone by the name of Jim Morrison went to the Bank of America in San Francisco and make a hefty withdraw.   The teller at the bank said he recognized Jim’s name and face, so he didn’t ask for his ID because he knew who Jim Morrison was.  The information gets more bizarre, Jim Morrison’s death certificate says Douglas Morrison, and a 2nd person wrote “James” underneath the name Douglas, which appears to be in a different person’s handwriting.  This death certificate has been examined by handwriting experts and they concluded that it appears to be the handwriting of Jim Morrison.

Further, Jim had on many occasions publicly expressed his desire to change his identity and to reappear as someone else.  He was a big fan of poet Arthur Rimbaud who faked his own death and relocated to Africa.  He had a motive as he was in big trouble back in the US.  He was totally burnt out on the music business and the rock star status and success he had achieved.

I personally interviewed Robby Krieger a couple months ago and I was told by his agent “don’t bring up any history or the past, just keep it focused on the show.”  Robby actually brought up Jim and said “When you lose the greatest lead singer of all times it’s hard to recover from that.”  “Lose” being the key word that stands out to me now that I look back, he never said he died.  I will leave you with this quote from Doors Keyboardist, Ray Manczarek himself for you to decide “If there was one guy that would have been capable of staging his own death, getting a phony death certificate, and paying off some French doctor, putting a hundred and fifty pound sack of sand into a coffin and splitting to some point on this planet, like Africa or who knows where, it is Jim Morrison, who would have been able to pull it off.”

Interesting?  Fact or Fiction?… you decide!