Cancun – Xcaret


It all began on a small inlet, “Xcaret” as it was called in Maya.  A paradise with a spirit of survival, a place gifted with a kind of magic, a “little something” that makes it possible for a miracle to happen every day…

In Xcaret, they carry out protection, conservation and reproduction of threatened or endangered species, such as sea turtles, butterflies, flamingos, red macaws, parrots and manatees.  They rescue and cultivate wild plants like orchids and edible mushrooms; and preserve colorful underwater gardens….  In Xcaret man coexists in peace with nature and other men; races, creeds and nationalities gather.   They search for human development and cultivate happy people.

These miracles are not magic. They are the result of a team work of more than 1500 souls committed to a culture of sustainable development, love for life, pride in their roots, respect for nature and for universal human rights.  Nightwire was truly honored and totally in awe of this magnificent and truly magical place called Xcaret!

Xcaret is located approximately one hour from Cancun between Playa del Carmen and Paamul and is open daily from 8:30AM till 9:00PM.  There are all inclusive tours available – we recommend using Best Day Tours.  This mega eco-park offers water activities like snorkeling in underground rivers and swimming with dolphins; up-close animal viewing areas including jaguar and puma islands, a butterfly pavilion, and an aquarium.  They produce spectacular shows, like a Maya ballgame, regional dance accompanied by musical performances in the majestic Gran Tlachco stage where over 300 artists perform a kind of celebration of the best traditions, history and mysticism of Mexico.  Nightwire experienced the mystical and magical performance on the eve of Halloween.  The park was packed with locals as well as tourist that came to honor and remember departed love ones in a celebration.  We truly enjoyed experiencing their culture and were made to feel very much a part of their sacred celebration.  Truly an amazing experience, one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  If you ever get the opportunity, do plan your trip to Cancun for the last week of October, this is a definite “must do” on your vacation list.

There are so many things to do and see at Xcaret, but one of our favorites was the Butter Pavilion where we 20 different regional butterfly species, literally thousands of them all flying and resting in a free flight environment.  It was truly amazing to have these delicate butterflies land on your head,  shoulders and arms.  The peace and tranquility that we felt in this magical pavilion was absolutely amazing.  The butterfly is valued by ancient cultures as a symbol of beauty and mysticism, Aztecs saw in each butterfly the soul of a warrior who died in battle. Another legend tells us how every butterfly flew to heaven and became a star.

We cannot say enough about wonderful things about Xcaret, this park has thought of everything to make your day enjoyable.  From the friendly helpful staff to the restaurants, gift shops, shows, exhibits, water activities, the relaxing atmosphere and so much to do and see.   Go….experience and enjoy!  They have an amazing website, where we strongly suggest you visit their website.  There you will get a glimpse of this spectacular and magical place.  But, there is absolutely nothing more exciting and thrilling than to actually experience Xcaret in person.