Back In Black & Gold — The King of Pittsburgh Radio

Back In Black & Gold
The King of Pittsburgh Radio
Exclusive Interview with Jim Krenn
By SuperMonkey

(Jim calling SuperMonkey…Phone rings)
Jim Krenn – Hey what’s happenin’ its Jim Krenn!
SuperMonkey – Jim what’s happening thanks for calling. We’ve actually met before.
Jim Krenn – Oh yeah?
SuperMonkey – Yea I was guy that dropped the F-Bomb on the Coffeehouse that one time on accident.
(Big laugh from Jim)
Jim Krenn – Oh yeah man that was awesome man!
SuperMonkey – Really? I don’t think the program director was laughing. He didn’t seem fired up.
(Still laughing)
Jim Krenn – Oh well, that’s rock ‘n roll man! You haven’t made it unless you’ve been kicked off the radio.

SuperMonkey… So congrats on the new morning show on Q92.9. That is such awesome news for you and the city of Pittsburgh. There is a real buzz in the air for the first time in a long time about terrestrial morning radio. What made you want to get back in the ring?
Jim Krenn – I wanted to reinvent myself. Do some different things. The Sideshow Network from LA called so I started to work with them on some things. We started the podcast where it was more like morning radio but like cable. I tried to find the funniest young comics to work with I found these young guys and team of comics. I met Terry Jones, Mike Wysocki, and Mike Sasson who’s a real witty guy and I love his style. So we started to develop our podcast No Restrictions which we got up to over 150K subscribers and growing. I started to get into get into some film which lead to other projects. So what happened was a lot of networking and invigorated my stand up. Then about 8-9 months ago I started to do once a week radio on KDKA who run a great creative atmosphere reminded me of why I got into morning radio in the 1st place. I started to think it would be wild to go back on morning radio and I missed that daily connections with the listeners. Q92.9 and Steel City Media made me an offer that was too good to pass up and I really like those guys running that place. They been offered millions of dollars several times to sell their radio stations and they won’t do it. Steel City Media is a family biz and just won’t do it. They have a passion for radio so I’m really excited and the timing was right.

SuperMonkey… So let’s talk about the 20 ton elephant in the room. You are now going up against your former radio partner Randy Baumann for morning drive radio ratings.
Jim Krenn – I never looked at it as competition, I compete against myself. I’m always trying to come up with something new, something fresh. You know how it you’re a musician, you have to reinvent yourself.”
SuperMonkey – Well you might not be thinking about it Jim but I’m sure EVERYONE ELSE in the radio business is thinking about it. I’m sure that Steel City Media was, and is thinking about it as I’m super-sure there were a few extra meetings and discussions over at Clear Channel/iHeartMedia about your new show. Jim Krenn… “Ok you got me. I want to win. I love the competition.”
SuperMonkey… So what’s the new show going to be like? What can we expect?
Jim Krenn – It’s going to be awesome. We’re going to bring back some of the old bits but we’re going to make them new and fresh. Ralph the Cat is back and of course Ben Klingston. Except Ben now has a new sidekick Sonny Hope.
SuperMonkey… To this day I still cannot go to a mall and see a mall guard without going “Ben Klingston, Mall Guard” in the back of my head.
Jim Krenn – Terry does a great Samuel L Jackson Food Network Show which is hysterical. And we have the Crying Cow which is a hipster vegan store in Lawrenceville which is hysterical.
SuperMonkey… I love poking fun at hipsters, it’s so easy.
Jim Krenn – It’s the skinny jeans man! What is up with the skinny jeans! You’re fat, and you’re wearing skinny jeans! It doesn’t make any sense!

You can catch Jim Krenn live on morning drive 6a-9a Monday thru Friday on Q92.9FM starting July 6th.