Have a Real “Can-Do” Summer With These Craft Beer Cans

There’s a sacred bond that exists between warm weather and beer. While a good beer is great all year, there’s just something about a hot day that makes a beer taste better than normal. Getting more specific, warm weather doesn’t just call for a good beer, but a good beer in a can.

Craft beer has seen a resurgence of the trustworthy can as of late, and for a very good reason. Not only are cans allowed in far more places than bottles are, they’re better for the beer, too. Cans block light and air from getting to your favorite beer while letting it get cold faster. Best of all, cans are lighter and smaller than bottles, so you can fit more in your cooler. In short, if you haven’t tried a craft beer can lately, you probably should. Heck, aluminum cans are even better to recycle than bottles are, making them better for the environment, too.

While we could go on about the benefits of cans for beer, it’s the liquid inside that really matters, the container is just a way to get the beer to you, right? The move towards canning craft beer is bigger than ever this summer, with many breweries adding their best beers to cans and others only releasing their beers into them. From pilsners to pale ales to a tart gose, there’s a beer for everyone in a can this summer so get out there and enjoy some sunshine with your favorite beer.

Anderson Valley Holy Gose – Back in the early 16th century, the people of Golsar, Germany created a beer that was brewed with salt water and spiced with coriander and hops. Allowed to ferment with lactic bacteria, this tart beverage was a rousing success. As with all things, history has a way of repeating itself and Anderson Valley is here to help. The Kimmie, The Ying, & The Holy Gose (prounouced go-zuh) is a 4.2% ABV beer that’s light yet tart with a slightly salty taste. Perfect for warmer months, this beer is only around during the warmer months so make sure to try it before it’s history again.

North Country Brewing Co. Bucco Blonde – Blonde ales are typically light and refreshing, making them a perfect match for warm weather, and North Country Brewing’s Bucco Blonde is no exception. This 4.9% blonde ale has a great malt body with a hint of bitterness to balance things out. This beer was brewed specifically for Pittsburgh’s very own Pirates. More specifically, for the Bucco’s pitching coach Ray Searage, also known as Uncle Ray, and proceeds go to benefit the Make a Wish foundation.

North Country Brewing Co. Stinky Hippie – Wait, you can actually tie-dye a can? While we may not know the science behind tying a can into knots and dying it psychedelic colors, what we do know is that the beer inside the can is equally as impressive. The beer in question is another great offering from North Country Brewing Co. from Slippery Rock, PA called Stinky Hippie. This American pale ale comes in at 6% and has all the dankness you’d expect to come out of something this…colorful. Practice some peace and love of your own and give this one a try.

North Country Brewing Co. Ryeparian Rye-Pa – So how do you make a beer even better? For starters you can put it in a can instead of a bottle, but past that, there’s really only one way, and that’s to make it charitable, too. North Country Brewing’s Riparian Rye Pale Ale is full of more than rye beer spiciness, it’s filled with a sense of charity and nature, too. For every beer sold, a portion of sales go to Western. PA’s Conservancy. That means that while you get to enjoy an amazing pale ale with a great rye body to it, you also get to support the Conservancy’s steam bank tree planting program. Pretty good deal, right?

Bell’s Brewing Oberon – What’s better than one of the best summer beers ever in a 12oz can? One of the best summer beers in a 16oz can of course! Summertime favorite Oberon from Bell’s Brewery is out once again this summer with a twist, thanks to the “pounder” can and a true pint pour. Light and refreshing, both sizes are available this year to help you with all your porch sitting and grass cutting, can koozie not included.

Otter Creek Brewing Fresh Slice White IPA – The call of the lawn chair and fresh cut grass is a strong one, and Fresh Slice from Otter Creek Brewing is here to answer it. This 5.5% white IPA includes a little clementine and coriander along with some very dank and delicious hops. The Belgian yeast used in this beer makes it nice and fresh tasting while being extra refreshing for nice hot days. Best of all, this is the first can ever offered by Otter Creek, so check it out while you can, as this one is only seasonal.

Heavy Seas Beer Smooth Sail – The folks at Heavy Seas Beer know a thing or two about great beer in cans. Adding to their lineup of canned beverages comes Smooth Sail. Not your average summer ale, this 4.5% ABV wheat ale includes lemon and orange peel to give it a nice citrus kick. While some Heavy Seas beers are available in bottles, this seasonal treat is only in cans, making it an easy choice for the beach or tailgating.

Victory Brewing Co. Summer Love – Coming out this summer for the first time in a can, Victory’s seasonal Summer Love is better than ever thanks to the aluminum vessel. While there are many reasons to love summer, Summer Love is possibly the best. This golden ale comes in at 5.2% ABV and features tastes of fresh, clean German malts with earthy and spicy noble European hops, finishing up with a lemony aftertaste thanks to some whole flower American hops.

Troegs Brewing Sunshine Pils – Another freshman in the canned beer club, Troegs Brewing’s Sunshine Pils is ready for summer in its new outfit. This straw-golden Pilsner comes in at 4.5% ABV and is possiblt one of the most refreshing beers you’ll ever try. Brewed with Pilsner malt as well as Hersbrucker and Saaz hops, this Euro-style Pilsner is crisp and light while having a solid hop profile. Perfect for just about any meal or a good day of yard work, Sunshine Pils is like sunshine in a can.

Jack’s Hard Cider – Not every canned beverage this summer has to be a beer, especially with the amazing ciders available from Jack’s Hard Cider. Jack’s Original is dry, crisp, and bitingly refreshing…like biting into a fresh tart apple. Helen’s Blend is just as delicious, but is more fruit-forward with a balance of acids and sugars, creating a smooth finish. Jack’s Original comes in at 5.5% ABV while Helen’s Blend is slightly lower at 5%.

Oskar Blues Brewing Dale’s Pale Ale – If history is what you want, then Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale is what you need to get. Oskar Blues is the first craft brewery to can their beer, and is still one of the only craft breweries in the country that relies solely on canning for individual sales. Big and hoppy, Dale’s comes in at 6.5% ABV and is as refreshing as it is bitter, and that is to say a lot on both counts. This critically acclaimed trailblazer was the first craft kid on the block in a can, and is still one of the best today.

Oskar Blues Mamas Yella Pils – Always in a can, Mama’s Little Yella Pils is a craft version of the pilsners available around the world. Brewed with 100% malted barley, Mama’s comes in at 5.3% ABV and a bitterness level that’s just right for a hot day.

All of these canned beers and more are proudly distributed in the Pittsburgh area by Vecenie Wholesale.