Cabo San Lucas – Rancho Carisuva

Rancho Carisuva

Rancho Carisuva is the only company in Cabo that offers horseback riding along the Pacific Beach.  The are simply the very best in the business.  Their horses are well fed and definitely well taken care of.  Horseback riding is the perfect way to enjoy the tranquility of the desert while contemplating the magnificent scenery and landscape. Just a short 40 minute ride from your Cabo hotel.  Rancho Carisuva will pick you up and take you to their ranch. At the ranch you will receive an orientation on the proper way to ride a horse and you will be assigned a horse adequate to your  skill level. You will also have free time to explore the ranch with 43 horses, goats, chickens and a friendly donkey.

Hop on and follow your guide for a glimpse into Baja’s contrasting terrain where along your ride, you will see cactus over 20 ft high towering over the trail, wild animals, exotic desert flora and incredible views. Stops will be made along the way to teach you about the desert flora and fauna as well as a stop at a look out point over the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget your camera as the sights on this tour are one of a kind.

From January through March keep an eye out towards the ocean as the migrating whales come so close to shore that you can smell their sprays.  Rancho Caraisuva  also offers ATV explorations and a split day offering you a chance to horseback ride and ATV.  Don’t miss this awesome adventure.  Check them out at