Archie’s by: Dan Calig

For 6 years, Archie’s Bar has been meeting the needs of South Sider’s looking for a place to hang out and watch the game. No, your ears won’t be ringing after you leave and you won’t be asked to dance, but you will leave with a belly full of solid bar food and some money left in your wallet.

Located at 2328E Carson, Archie’s is just far enough away to not be slammed all the time but close enough to find decent parking. Their spacious interior consists of a bar area with some nice flat-screens to watch the game and additional table seating if you’re just looking for nice meal.

The food is of the Pittsburgh Pub Fare variety and with Archie’s determined focus on freshness; you won’t find a bag of frozen wings here. Rather, a nice sized wing made to order and served promptly by a friendly and attentive staff.

A commendable bonus is that they make all their own sauces, ranging from the typical Red Hot and butter “Buffalo” style, to spicy parmesan to the tangy hot Thai direction. Dry rubs are available if you don’t like getting dirty and boneless wings are there for those that like to let someone else do the work. All together he gives you about 34 different ways to enjoy your wing experience, so don’t be afraid to leave Buffalo. There are actually, 35 ways to enjoy, if you count the fact that they only cost 35 cents, Monday through Thursday.

In addition to the wings, you’ll find the rest of your pub favorites well represented. Highly recommended are the nachos; served with a nice gooey ballpark cheese, festooned with jalapeños and the option of adding beef or chicken. Bring help to finish.

If you’re looking for something with a little more girth to it, you may want to try one of their flatbread pizzas or hoagies. Piled high with tasty quality ingredients, they will no doubt get you to the 4th quarter in one piece and provide a nice base for the usual festivities that accompany such matters.
For those looking to fit into last year’s team jersey, you could go with the blackened chicken or the steak salad. Try one, this is Pittsburgh, we put fries on our salads… you’ll live.

They are correctly known as the “Friendliest Bar in the Southside” and a perfect example of an independently owned local business making a strong contribution to a neighborhood’s identity.

Stop in and see for yourself.

Archie’s – 2328 East Carson Street – South Side – Pittsburgh 15203 – 412.481.0852 –