Cabo San Lucas – Meson Del Angel

Meson Del Angel

Meson Del Angel provides a truly heavenly food experience. Upon entering, guests are greeted in an inviting lobby featuring comfortable plush red couches and a full bar – the perfect place for a pre-dinner drink.

The dining area is set in a welcoming outdoor terrace under the stars, truly an amazing experience. I inquired as to what happens when it rains, only to be told  that it only rains 3 – 4 days a year, so they simply move the tables under the terracotta tile roof.  Gold and red décor, paired with the rich wooden tables, creates a warm, friendly environment. Mexican artwork and accents are proudly displayed throughout the restaurant.  Romantic lighting and soft Mexican music playing in the background adds to the authentic experience.

Mesón Del Angel is truly unique because of its dedication to a healthier cooking style. Chef Inivil Arreolea uses organic chicken, salads, and vegetables, as well as fresh local cheeses and stone-ground mole, to create his masterpieces. Many of the restaurant’s signature dishes are prepared using olive oil or cooked in a clay oven to avoid excess grease and fat.  Even the mojitos are made fresh tableside by a mixologist with organic mint and purified ice, they offer thee varieties of the best mojitos in the world.  Look for these fabulous mojito recipes in an upcoming issue.  The meals we had were truly authentic Mexican dishes, made with the freshest meats and spices.  Meson Del Angel is a must dine at restaurant while visiting Cabo.

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