Sprecher Brewing Company

Sprecher Brewing Company                                                                        by:  Kyle Bloser

Sprecher Brewing Company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985 by Randall Sprecher. Randall worked for one of the major brewing companies in the area, which inspired him to go out on his own to produce a high quality lower quantity beer.  In 1985, he started his own brewery, brewing fine European and traditional beers and gourmet sodas. Then in 1995, Sprecher Brewing  moved into a larger warehouse location.  This brewery is well known for its award winning high quality ales and lagers however they are also known for their gourmet sodas, particularly their orange soda and root beer.  The brewery has 6 year round beers and a large variety of seasonals that are all low volume but very high quality. Their newest venture is Hard Root Beer a new alcohol beverage.

Hefe Weiss is a tribute to the traditional German beer. This beer is a hazy golden color that is created from the yeast that is used.  Because it is a beer that has its roots in Bavaria it has the big creamy head that is the signature characteristic of a Weiss beer.  This beer has a citrusy flavor to it as well that allows it to be an extremely refreshing beer – great for drinking on a hot summer day.

Black Bavarian is another traditional German beer much like the Weiss has its roots in Bavaria. The beer itself is a Kulmbacher style, which is a darker lager. The beer itself has a dark head that makes it look like a stout but is unique in flavor. This beer gets its name from the city where it comes from; but the flavor is unique to the city itself. This beer is almost a lost art in the United States and is something you rarely see here. This beer is a surprising treat that you don’t expect.

Pub Ale is a unique take on an English Brown ale. This is one of the few beers that they make that doesn’t have roots in Germany, that being said this is a great beer itself. The beer is an ale that is less fizzy and more of a refreshing darker beer.

Special Amber is exactly what it says it is, special. The beer is an amber lager that you don’t often find many places brewing anymore.  Special Amber is one of those beers that has been lost over the years and overlooked in the United States. The beer itself is a Vienna Lager style, which is a unique style of beer that was traditionally only brewed in Vienna. It’s a unique beer because it has hops in the background which is something normally not found in a Vienna Lager.

Summer Pils is their current seasonal beer that they are brewing right now. This summer beer is extremely refreshing and perfect for those hot summer days and long summer nights. Summer Pils is a Czech Pilsner style beer, which is light and very drinkable making it a great beer for summer. Summer Pils is one of the newest beers that is currently being produced.

The brewery brews a lot of other seasonals, special edition and reserves that are released throughout the year.  All of these beers are known for their high quality and unique takes on the various styles of beer.

Sprecher Brewery has recently started brewing something unique to them. As previously mentioned the brewery is also known for their award winning root beer and sodas. They proudly just released a Hard Root Beer.  Their Hard Root Beer is their award winning root beer with alcohol added to it. It’s called Bootleggers Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer. This is something that has not been done by anyone else in the marketplace and it opens the brewery to a whole new market and lets them compete in a whole different market segment giving the consumer a new specialty drink to enjoy that comes from the high quality product line  Sprecher Brewery  is known for.  Sprecher Brewing is dedicated to brewing fine European and traditional beers and gourmet sodas. To learn more about Sprecher Brewing you can go to – locally distributed by Galli Distributing.