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The Just Beer Project…..

Craft Beer Pioneer Responds to Exploding Craft Category…

            One Brewery Goes Back to the Beginning of Craft

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s exactly what’s happening in the world of craft beer. It’s not uncommon to see bar tap towers with 50 to 100 draft lines, full of beer with extreme bitterness units (IBUs) and alcohol content (ABV) that is so high the drinker can only enjoy one or two. Craft beer veteran, Alan Newman, has chosen to go against the grain to offer a more simplified approach to craft, notably named, The Just Beer Project.

The craft beer industry is growing, and at a rapid rate. In 2012 there were over 2,300 craft breweries in total, and that number increases literally by the day. Bars and restaurants have embraced the rise in craft, and begun offering more beer styles with exotic ingredients, high bitterness units and high alcohol content.

Newman, founder of the Magic Hat Brewing Company in 1994, is familiar with the world of craft beer, and recalls its early days:

“Back nearly 20 years ago when we started Magic Hat, every bar had three ‘light’ beers, another domestic or two, and maybe a few imports. Any beer with the sign of all malt got my order,” says Newman.  “I was inspired by the idea that beer could be flavorful and delicious. That was the true catalyst that started the Magic Hat Brewing Company.”

Today craft has evolved into an ever-growing list of styles and unique, exotic ingredients, which Newman is no stranger to – after all he was among the first to experiment with the unconventional.  The early days of craft were all about the innovation and the renaissance of beer.

“It wasn’t until the past few years that the IBU and ABV wars began. They add flavor, aroma and character, but everything in moderation, please,” said Newman. “I don’t want 120 IBUs or 9% ABV on a night out with friends. All I want is a good tasting beer that I can drink all night long.”

The Just Beer Project’s mission is to deliver beer drinkers un-complicated world-class craft brews that are delightful in their simplicity – nothing too complicated or exotic, with all natural ingredients. Their beers are sessionable, staying in the 5% ABV range, and focus on a great balance between malt and hops.

The first beer offered by the Just Beer Project, Just IPA, is an approachable IPA. For the aficionado, Just IPA comes in at 45 IBUs and a sessionable 5.2% ABV. It’s brewed with four hop varieties and two different styles of malt, then dry-hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade hops giving it a well-balanced malt flavor and fresh hop aroma. For the person who’s looking to spend less time reading about beer, and more time drinking it, Just IPA is the perfect choice.

Just IPA is available on draft in Pittsburgh currently at over 189 locations and growing! Locally here are just a few of the bars that currently have Just IPA on tap… Fuel & Fuddle, Oakland – Garage Door Saloon, Oakland – Smokin’ Joe’s, South Side – Piper’s Pub, South Side – Gateway Grill, Northern Pike, Houghs, Greenfield Ave., Pgh – Hampton Sports Zone, Allison Park – Cupkas 2 – South Side – Rolands, in the Strip.

Just IPA – You drink it.  It tastes great… Just IPA – 45 BU’s, 5.2% ABV, Malt: Weyermann floor Pills, Honey Malt. Hops: Chinook, Ahtanum, Citra, Cascade. Dryhop: Citra, Stimcoe, Cascade. The Just Beer Project is a craft beer company with a mission to deliver World Class Craft Beers, expertly brewed, without all the complication!

About Just Beer Project
The Just Beer Project is a craft beer venture from Alchemy and Science, based in Burlington, Vermont. The Just Beer Project was launched in 2012 set out with the mission of un-complicating the world of craft beer.