Maui – Hawaii Ocean Rafting

Hawaii Ocean Rafting

If you’re going to see the ocean- I promise you- there’s no better way than going out in an ocean raft! Whether you want to snorkel, whale watch or just cruise the rugged coastline of Lanai- we’ve found the best of the best! Hawaii Ocean Rafting offers a unique snorkel experience with spots chosen by their awesomely friendly Captain and Crew. Our Captain Steve and Crew Monica piloted an excellent adventure with knowledgeable commentary about ocean wildlife and the Hawaiian Islands.

As a novice snorkeler and Thalassophobia-ist (person with a fear of the ocean), I did feel more than a bit apprehensive about being in the middle of the gigantic ocean with just some fins & a snorkel. Captain Steve gave a refresher course of how to use a snorkel & as he explained why to use fins, I knew I was not getting out of this adventure. He seemed very attentive to my thinly guised bravado and offered to “throw me in” much to the delight of others in my party! It was really a great time & I quickly overcame my fears as soon as I saw through the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean. The reef was alive and amazing and so many fish. We even saw a sea turtle on the other side of the raft. I did it- snorkeled in the ocean! With no feet even anywhere near touching the bottom!

Now having thoroughly overcome my fear, we were ready to move on to another destination, this time – a marine preserve off the coast of Lanai. On the way, we saw about 300 Spinner Dolphins in their natural habitat. It was utterly amazing to see them swimming along the raft and jumping out of the water within such close proximity. It was a spiritual experience. The marine preserve proved to be full of colored corals and even bigger fish. How exciting to see Parrot Fish with many colors and the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a the Hawaiian state fish. I even learned how to say it!

Our ½ day snorkel trip even included complimentary breakfast, snacks and drinks. I would highly recommend Hawaii Ocean Rafting for a snorkeling adventure. I actually loved it! And would do it over and over again! An up-close and personal Whale Watch tour is also available if you’re there during Winter through Spring. The friendly staff and small nature of this adventure really help to maximize your experience. Check out their website they even offer discounts if you book online!

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