Gabriella’s Restaurant

Gabriella’s Restaurant…… By Dan Calig

It’s late night on Carson. You’ve just made the rounds to your favorite local haunts and find yourself looking for something to soak up the evening’s festivities and calm that rumbling noise coming from a few inches above your belt. What’s the plan? Sure you can go the usual route of pizza and gyro’s or something covered in french fries and slaw, but maybe you’re looking for something off the beaten track?

This was the question on the minds of Gabriella’s in the Southside. They looked at the available options and thought that Pittsburgher’s could do well with a little variety in their late night diet. While they carry some of the standard fare, cheesteaks and hotdogs, a number of their menu items break from the traditional approach to midnight muchies.

Their sandwiches for example, range from the typical American hamburger to more extravagant items involving pesto, artichokes or mortadella. A Ruben sits at the top of the menu and numerous variations on the egg sandwich exist for those diners who would like to get a head start on the morning. Some have brave combinations like the “Schrader” which adds kielbasa and pierogi to the egg and finishes with a horseradish sauce. Or for a spin on a Pittsburgh favorite you could always go with a “Jimmy the Greek” which adds gyro meat, spinach and shoestring fries, later served on a mini pita. Price range $8-$9.

A rarely seen late night option is pasta, let alone their adventurous Pasta del Sol. A cream based sauce that sports upscale ingredients like shallots, sun dried tomatoes and nutmeg. Online reviews from the nearby Riverwalk Corporate Center give high kudos for their also homemade Alfredo sauce, served with either chicken or shrimp and presented on a bed of penne for less than $6. If you’re looking for a more low fi option, they also carry a traditional marinara made from crushed tomatoes.

For those looking to thin down their mix of shots and craft beer, will be pleased to find a selection of homemade soups ($4 or $7 sizes) that reach beyond the typical chicken noodle. A beef-based red wine lentil made with merlot and mixed vegetables can be found, as well as a shrimp bisque swimming in a seafood stock with brandy and herbs. Served hot or cold is a roasted red pepper soup blended with balsamic vinegar, sherry and onions in addition to their daily offering.

All of these items and more can be found well into the night at 301 E. Carson from midnight to 3:30am on Friday and Saturday. For your breakfast and lunch needs during the week they are opened from 7:00am to 2:30pm.