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January 2011 Dining Review- Shiloh Grill

by: Suz Pisano

I was so excited to see the signs……I had heard the rumors…….a sister restaurant to the Harris Grill coming to this side of town- The Shiloh Grill on Mt. Washington. With the expectation of great food, great fun and great service, I was counting the days till I could dine there.  The restaurant opened in November and I just couldn’t wait to get there after returning from an extended stay in Europe.  Well, I’m thrilled to be back and I can’t wait to tell you all about this notorious East End neighborhood restaurant coming to a new West End neighborhood.  The drinks are great, they have outrageous desserts, vegetarian friendly selections, burgers, salads, wings & entrees plus all of your favorites and then BACON! The Shiloh Grill even makes a Bacon Martini!  Tuesday’s are “Bacon Night” but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Oh the joy of a restaurant I love even closer to my proximity!

On a referral from a Mt. Washington neighbor, we visited the Shiloh Grill to sample their food, throw back a few cocktails and see if we could get the goods on this kin to a Pittsburgh favorite.  When I go out, I love to try a new cocktail and I LOVE options……especially good ones- I recommend the Mommy’s Lemonade……..served in a martini glass if that’s any indication of how much you’ll like this libation.  We left our drink selections up to suggestions of the creative bartending in the house and we were definitely not disappointed. I wouldn’t have ordered the Thai Iced Tea- but I’m glad to have tried it for when I’m in the mood for a sultry cocktail, it was really good.  Now if you’re a true bacon lover- you simply have to try the Bacon Martini!  The instant I saw it- I took a picture & immediately posted it on my Facebook!  It’s ridiculously interesting and you can’t imagine anything like it until you try one.  Go on a Tuesday plus its incredible with a basket of bacon on your table.  I love bacon, I’m proud of it and I love this place already.

Menu selections at the Shiloh Grill are an entertaining and interesting mix- Calamari Mati Hari ($8.82) was our first peek at the cuisine and the quality of what they had in store for us.  I love Calamari especially when it is perfectly tossed with a sweet & spicy sauce.  I could eat this every day.  The Calamari is listed in the “Fun Things to put in your mouth” section of the menu and they are right on with the Calamari.  It was hard to share but plenty if you’re not dining with me!  A good Buffalo Chicken Dip ($9.45) is a sure favorite at Happy Hour, which happens daily from 5 – 7 where you will find half-off their extensive draft list.  This dip was the perfect temperature, creamy and with just enough spice.  It’s served with both pita and celery in case you were thinking it’s not a healthy choice.

As I said before THE most difficult part of the dining reviews are seeing the food being presented and then immediately being swept away for photographs…….When I saw the Fish Tacos ($10.99), my anticipation heightened.  I haven’t had a good fish taco since Maui & boy was I excited to try these- we sampled both the breaded & fried ones as well as the Grilled fish both are served  inside soft tortillas.  If you’re in the mood for something a bit different- this is the ticket.   The next visual intoxication that was served- Macaronis et Frommage de Langoustine ($17.13) it has freaking  lump backfin crabmeat and lobster knuckle meat on top of it!  I’m not saying anything else.  Well, maybe that 3 people could eat this portion.  That’s it, not even that I was so sad to have to share it- I imagine it’s still amazing leftover for lunch the next day.  It was soooooo good!  Okay I’m done.  I won’t say one more thing about it. Well maybe that I’m thinking about it right now on a snowy day, with maybe let’s say a glass of wine.  The Shiloh Grill has a great wine selection.  My take-home bonus was the Lasagne Aubergine ($14.92) aka Eggplant Lasagna.  I haven’t tasted a better one.  Maybe it’s the pesto in the sauce but it’s delicious and vegetarian.  Very easy to eat one less meat meal with this choice.  But then there was the “other white meat”……..Rita Hayworth and the Pork Shank Redemption ($18.71) and sooooo worth it.  If you’ve never ordered a pork shank in a restaurant- start here.  It’s fall off the bone with Bourbon Glaze- served atop horseradish mashed potatoes.  God it’s good……..and then I met the chef- Richard Gratzmiller.  So sweet that he served up all of these wonderful selections.  We tried both soups- along side a handful of french fries because, just because.  Labor-Inducing Vegetarian Chili ($3.97) and Southwest Chicken Corn Chowder ($3.47).  I told Chef Gratzmiller that I knew he cared about his patrons when he offered samples of his soups with those french fries just because it looked so pretty on the plate!  It’s refreshing to meet the Chef and see that he actually cares that you like his food.  I love that part best about our dining reviews.    Real people, making real food, real servers who actually talk to you and are making sure everyone is having a real good time.  I think that sums up the Shiloh Grill- You’re welcome here, they make you feel really welcome!  The friendly staff, servers and bartenders and their amazing food will keep you coming back.  They even give you bacon!

Just when we thought we were too full- Hannah, our super sweet, beautiful & very personable server for the evening, brought us some fabulous desserts to share.  “Stoudt” kake ($5.49) made with oatmeal and stoudt beer, reminiscent of a carrot cake consistency served with vanilla ice cream was well let’s say- not one bite left!  The Wrongest Dessert was also served and I’ll tell you that- it’s absolutely hysterical and delicious when served to an “adults only table” however, its presentation is completely different if children are at the table!  Try it- I’m really not saying anything else about it, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.  Coffee is from Coffee Tree Roasters and so good with any of the dessert selections.  I’m a huge fan of desserts and The Shiloh Grill definitely does not disappoint.  Their selections are creative, fun, somewhat decadent and definitely delicious.

Please join me in welcoming The Shiloh Grill to Mount Washington- they are open weekdays at 4, Saturdays at 11am and Sundays for Brunch 10 until 2.  Brunch is Prix Fixe an affordable $14 which includes a Frozen Mimosa or a Bloody Mary and coffee plus a huge buffet and omelet and waffle stations.  I truly believe that once the word gets out about this brunch- everyone will want a table!  I already have 2 brunches scheduled for myself- I love my girlfriends & we all love a theme, so look forward to seeing us in perhaps tiaras or pajamas some Sunday soon!

The Shiloh Grill even has a banquet room for private parties & events.

Checkout their website for upcoming beer pairing and wine paring dinners and don’t forget to make your Valentines Day reservations!

123 Shiloh Street, Majestic Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15211


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