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Mandy’s Pizza – Gluten-Free – Allergen – Free Pizza in the Burgh!

Nightwire has great news for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance and various food allergies.  President, Steve Negri told Nightwire that he has a son that suffers from severe food and environmental allergies.  Steve and his wife Veronica tried all of the retail available pizzas and crusts….and found that they were simply horrible and almost inedible. Steve and his wife own two pizza shops, one in West View and the other on the North Side, imagine the heartbreak of having a son that could only smell the pizza.  So, Steve embarked upon a mission…. to create a gluten free – allergen free great tasting pizza, free of gluten, wheat, soy and milk.  It took months and hours of research, trying various recipes along with various ingredients to come up with a pizza that was not only gluten and allergen free but a pizza that tasted incredible.

Steve finally perfected a secret recipe that accomplished just that… great tasting gluten and allergen free pizza.  Steve’s son and customers that have tried Mandy’s gluten and allergen free pizza totally agree and constantly tell Steve they can’t wait to come back for more.

You can get a standard cheese pizza with your choice of marinara or garlic sauce (if you’re allergic to tomatoes) for $12 (for the 12-inch). Or try spinach and feta; broccoli and feta; or a version of the white pizza. Plus, Mandy’s Pizza also offers a 100% organic vegan friendly pizza with no animal products, no soy, no cheese, no milk, no wheat and is totally gluten free.

Steve notes, “If you are allergic to cheese you can try it topped with garlic-infused olive oil and some great vegetables.”

Customers can also pre-order “take-n-bake” gluten-free pizzas to bake at home.  Steve has also created a gluten – allergen free calzone for only $14.99 and is currently working on a bread recipe.  A 12” gluten-free pizza is available for only $12.00. Steve told us that they try their best to accommodate specific allergy requests by making pizza specifically for you while still creating the best allergy free pizza possible.  If necessary,  they will also make this pizza as a take’n bake while topping it with your favorites and then shrink-wrapping for later baking.

Gluten and allergen free pizzas and calzones are currently available only at the West View location.  For more information call 412-931-1120 or check their website

Plus, for those of us that do not suffer with allergies, Mandy’s regular pizza is made with homemade sauce, the best cheese on the market plus all their dough is handmade daily. They offer award-winning pizza at an extremely reasonable price and you get a 20% bigger pizza than their competition at a less expensive price.

Check out their two locations for dine in, take out or delivery –

North Side – 3904 Perrysville Avenue (across from Perry High School) – 412-322-1102

North Hills, West View –  512 Perry Highway (across from 7-Eleven) – 412-931-1120

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