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Bistro Soul – 417 East Ohio Street – North Side – 412-231-0218

East Ohio Street Bistro to Go Expands with Bistro Soul….

Nikki Heckman has been has been serving delicious and affordable home cooked meals for nearly three years at Bistro To Go on East Ohio Street in the North Side.  And on June 18th she opened a second restaurant next door called Bistro Soul.  The two restaurants are linked by a large outdoor dining courtyard, giving diners access to the best of both worlds.

Bistro Soul serves good southern soul food made from scratch by Chef Madeline (Matty) Jones.  Their food is authentic southern cooking at its finest….Paula Deen style cooking… you know “where a stick of butter makes it better!”  Chef Matty really knows how to cook and cook she does, with slow cooked comfort food.  Bistro Soul differs from Bistro to Go as they have the same menu every day. It’s a simpler menu, but offers many different choices from entrees to sides.  You can’t go wrong with real down home southern comfort food! A few of their menu items include Matty’s Meatloaf, Country Chicken, Chicken Cobbler, Southern Style BBQ Ribs, Pot of Ham and Beans, Red Bean and Rice plus side galore and homemade yummy desserts.  For a complete menu and discount coupons visit www.Bisto-ToGo.Com

Bistro Soul is very street friendly and features a rollup garage door that opens up to a red quartz countertop giving this restaurant a real New Orleans look and feel. The dining area is tastefully decorated, extremely comfortable and inviting. This spacious area can seat up to 75 comfortably. Catering for up to 1000 is also available for any celebration or event.

The success of the locally owned Bistro To Go, and the grand opening of Bistro Soul suggest continuity for the unfolding and transformation of East Ohio Street, and the Northside at large.  Nikki Heckman and her home style cooking has contributed immensely to this transformation.  If you haven’t been to East Ohio Street on the Northside, we highly recommend you give it a try…… you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bistro Soul is open Monday through Friday 11AM – 6PM, Saturday 11AM – 4PM – Closed Sunday.  They are located at 417 East Ohio Street on the historic Northside.  Phone:  412.231.0218.   Visit:

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